2006 NWA Events

In 2006, ASCE hosted a variety of meetings and networking events.

Monthly Meetings

January Meeting
"Water Treatment Plant Expansion"
Bill HagenBurger, PE
Plant Engineer
Beaver Water District

February Meeting
"NPDES Permits Roundtable"
Area MS4s

March Meeting
"Politics, Communications,
and the Press in the Design
and Construction of a WWTP"
Matthew Taylor, PE
Graduate Student
University of Arkansas

April Meeting
"Planning & Coordination of
Development at UA"
Mike Johnson
Assoc. Vice Chancellor of Facilities
University of Arkansas

 May Meeting
"Statewide Plans &
Plans for NWA Highways"
Virginia Portia
Arkansas State Highway
& Transportation Department

 June Meeting
"Membrane Applications
in Wastewater Treatment"
Steven Jones, PE
Project Engineer
Garver Engineering

July Meeting
"Engineering & Politics
in the City of Fayetteville"
Ron Petrie, PE, M.ASCE
City Engineer
City of Fayetteville

August Meeting
"Continuing Evolution
of Sustainabile Facilities"
Carl Crowe
Walmart Stores, Inc.

 September Meeting
"ASCE's Emergency Response
& Disaster Preparation in Ark."
Steve Sharp
ASCE Emergency Response Team


State Section Meeting

November Meeting
"What Will Happen in NWA
When 'the Big One' hits
New Madrid?"
Brady Cox, Ph.D., PE
University of Arkansas

December Meeting
"Low Impact Development"
Findlay Edwards, Ph.D., PE, D.WRE
University of Arkansas